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Programs Offered

1. What Do I Do With It Now?

What Do I Do With It Now is a program that deals with ways to display those beautiful quilts that you have made. Here at What a Hoot Quilting, we offer traditional and some "not so traditional" ways to display your works of art! We will even give you 7 different ways to display a table runner!  We want you to get those quilts out of storage by showcasing them around your home!

2. Quilting - Comforters through the Years

Quilting - Comforters through the Years deals with the history of quilts from Civil War times to present. This program offers some of the history of quilting along with a trunk show. 

We share quilts made by our Grandmothers and compare past practices with techniques that are used in quilting today.  If you are interested in a little bit of history and quilting, we would love to share this trunkshow and history with you. 

What a Hoot Quilting offers a program called "The Making of a Quilt Room" where we will walk you through the questions you need to answer when designing the perfect sewing and quilting room! 

Learn more about the Custom Quilt Rooms  You can see examples of some of our furniture pieces in the furniture icon.

If you are interested in quilting, talk to us about creating a class specifically for you. I will be happy to come to YOU and teach. Get a group of gals together (I would prefer to have a minimum of 6) and I would be happy to help you choose a class.  We can create something special just for you. I love to meet new quilters, and I love to travel--a perfect combination!