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Quilting Furniture


You don't need to be in the Fergus Falls area to purchase our quilting furniture! Contact us for shipping prices.
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Storage Cabinet

Cost: $575.00
Description: Every quilter needs storage! This cupboard measures 78" high, 40" wide, and 16" deep. It is made of oak, featuring 2 adjustable shelves in both top and bottom spaces. There are 2 - 5" deep drawers. All doors feature the soft close.

Quilt Square Cabinet - 2 Squares

Cost: $195.00
Description: This cabinet has 2 metal quilt squares behind glass and a glass shelf and LED lighting inside. The cabinet measures 34 1/4 high, 15" wide, and 12" deep. The lighter cabinet is knotty pine, and the darker one is created in oak. The cabinet can be made out of the wood of your choice.
There are many quilt square patterns also available. Email us for the quilt square choices.

Retreat Top

Top - $65.00
Table - $30.00
Description: Originally designed as a multi-purpose ironing/cutting table for traveling quilters, it has become a part of many sewing rooms. Half of the table can be used for ironing and the other half is laminate.  It has space for an 18" x 24" rotary cutting mat. The retreat top measures approx. 22" x 32". It fits on an adjustable white resin table. Available in a variety of colors.

Ruler Racks

Large - $18.00
Small - $10.00
Combo set - $25.00
Description: Every quilter has many rulers, these racks provide a home for them. The large one is 16" long and the short one is 9" long. The large one has 5 slots and the small one has 3 slots. Many quilters have both and place the large one out of the way with the rulers you don't use every day, while the small one holds your everyday rulers. These racks are made of a combination of walnut and either maple or birch.

Mission Quilt Rack

Cost: $135.00
Description: This rack comes in two sizes - 22" long and 29 1/4". Both racks are 33" tall and 13 1/2" wide. This rack is made of oak but other woods can be used also. Construction is mortise and tenon glue joints. 

Cutting table

Cost: $675.00
Description: 60" wide x 29 1/2" deep and 35 1/2" high. Made from oak, it has 3 full-extension pull out drawers behind the doors. The doors have the soft close feature. The top is made from laminate and will easily accommodate a 24" x 36" rotary cutting mat. In combination with the sewing center and the storage cabinet, it would make a dream sewing room!

Quilt Clip Hangers

Cost: $.75 an inch
Description: These little clip hangers can be made any length that you desire. They have little clips that will hold your quilt. There is a groove on the back of the hanger so that you can slide it over the head of a nail or screw.

Single Quilt Rack

Cost: $65.00
Description: Made from oak or metal stair spindles these racks will tuck in behind a sofa, at the end of a bed, or anywhere you want. They are 24" wide and vary in height.

Megan bench

Cost:  $55.00
Finish: Black distressed
Description: This bench is approximately 24" wide x 36" high and 12" deep. It is named the Megan bench after our granddaughter. She helped Grandpa design this bench so that she could have a place to keep her "blankie" to keep it safe! It has a shelf to hold some of your collectibles too.


Cost: $75.00

Clothesline Quilt Stand

Cost: $10.00
Stain Choice: Natural or Black
Description: These little stands will hold a 6 1/2" quilt square like the ones sold on this site.  They would also hold photos! One woman was going to use it to display the drawings that her grandchildren have done!

Sewing Center

Cost: $775.00
Description: 72" wide x 80" tall and 29 1/2" deep. Made from oak with a laminate sewing top, it has LED under cabinet lighting. The drawers can be on the left or right or custom designed to your liking! The top storage is approx. 22" tall x 16" deep. This unit would fit beautifully in a spare bedroom or could also serve as a desk! Combined with the storage unit and the cutting table, it would make a dream sewing room!!

Quilt Square Cabinet - 4 Squares

Cost: $325.00
4 high cabinet - 65" high x 15" wide and 12" deep
4 wide cabinet - 34 1/4" high x 38 3/4" wide and 12" deep
These cabinets feature metal quilt squares behind glass. They can be configured either 4 squares high or 2 high side-by-side. Either cabinet has glass shelves and LED lighting. These cabinets are made of oak but can be made in the wood of your choice.
There are many quilt square patterns also available. Email us for the quilt square choices

Ladder Racks for Quilts

2 section ladder - $95.00
3 section ladder - $140.00
3 quilt rack - $225.00

Descriptions: These racks are designed for one purpose, getting quilts out of the closet and on display. Standing 72" tall, each section is 24" wide. These racks can be used as room dividers or behind a chair, in the corner landing of a stairway, and many more places. The racks in the pictures are made of oak but they can be made from many hardwoods. 

Memory Box

Cost: $100.00
Description: A special place for special things. These boxes are constructed of solid wood, measuring 16" long, 10" wide and 9" high. The corner joints are known as box joints and are very strong. They can be made from many different hardwoods and sized to your needs.