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The Making of a Quilt Room

The Making of a Quilt Room is a program that we at What a Hoot quilting can offer that will help you walk through a process of how to design your very own quilting room. It's a way for us to really connect with you on a totally different level and share that same passion for quilting. We are here to make quilting fun and exciting and help you share that passion with others through a quilting room that will display all the quilting projects you have made throughout the years. 

The first step is communicating your needs for your quilting room by answering questions like: How much room do I have to work with? What do I want in my area? How would I arrange it? If you're eager to display your quilts, please email us or call us at (218) 770-9588.


Featured Project

For this custom sewing room, the customer had a good idea of what she needed. What a Hoot made minor changes to the design, but the main work was building the dream.


One of the challenges was what to do with the big rulers and extra small cutting mats. At the end of the sewing table (right side), there is a drawer-like box which can be put anywhere in the room to hold these items.