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About Us

How Grandmas Influenced Quilting

What a Hoot Quilting would never have become a reality if not for the influence of our Grandmothers' hands. Hands don't speak. Hands guide, prod, and point the direction that we should go. While the style of quilting has seen significant change since our Grandmother's days, their influence and values still guide and inspire us.

We were both very fortunate to have Grandmas who loved to quilt, but more importantly, they had vast amounts of patience and love. Our grandmothers were quite similar in many ways. Both Grandmothers faced some very difficult times. They both found husbands who loved the kids that came with the Grandmas, and both made a big impact on our lives. We have always felt very blessed having our special time with them.

While both Grandmas have been gone for some time, we think of them often, wishing they were here so we could ask them a question or share our victories and defeats with them. Unfortunately we can't, so we treasure their memory!

The one way we can try to say "thanks" is to dedicate this business and site to the memory of Gladys Enang and Selma Johnson. They will remain much loved and very missed! God bless Grandma's hands!

How Business started

We opened a quilt shop in Jamestown, ND called "Comforts of Home". This is still in business today. Steve built the display pieces and designed the cutting area. Soon people were asking if he could do the same for them. He built racks to display quilts and things just blossomed from there! When we moved to Fergus Falls 11 years ago, he built the sewing room cabinets that are in our home. Other people would see them, and again, want something like that. Since retiring from Otter Tail Power Co. several years ago, he has been doing handyman building and we have re-entered the quilting world vending his various cabinets, cutting areas, and sewing centers.  

    Nita started "What a Hoot Quilting". She teaches classes in the surrounding area, loves to speak to Quilt guilds or clubs on quilting, and also vends with her husband where she features kits for different quilting projects - some of these kits come with pre-cut pieces and pattern included.

A Little About Steve & Nita

Woodworking has always been a part of my life. After working for Otter Tail Power Co. for 34 years, I took early retirement. So for the last four years, woodworking has been how we made our living. My Dad was a very handy guy, and I was lucky enough to learn from him. I continue to learn by reading and studying the internet. I grew up around quilters, so I have a basic understanding of the process. Many times, I have been reminded that it was a basic understanding! I have learned from conversations with quilters what their needs and wants are. I enjoy building what you see on these pages. I have gotten many good ideas from customers, so please keep those great ideas coming!!

My favorite wood is oak, and my favorite style is Mission, but I am willing, and do, use other woods like cherry, hickory and walnut.

I really enjoy my woodworking. I spend most of my waking hours in the shop, unless the grandkids or fishing get in the way!!

My name is Nita Schultz. I have been a lifelong quilter and owned a quilt shop, but my passion is teaching. I am developing a business involving teaching, kit and furniture sales, and some limited design. I enjoy teaching quilters of all ages. I like many styles but have enjoyed teaching Civil War clubs while learning the history behind the era.

My dream for this adventure is to be able to offer classes to guilds or groups of interested quilters. If you have a group that would like a class, I can personalize one for you at a location of your choice.

Now that you have finished all those quilts, I would be happy to assist you in showing them off! We offer furniture and many other display ideas! At any given time, I have approximately 70+  quilts showcased in my own home! I even have a special lecture about that. 

For more information contact me at nitaschultz@hotmail.com